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"Baevsky stamps his identity on virtually everything. Refined taste and prodigious talent" JAZZTIMES USA


"Dmitry Baevsky is a mind-blower" STEREOPHILE


“An extremely soulful player with excellent technique and a special sense of quiet confidence.”  JAZZWISE

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"You can hear it loud and clear in his music: Dmitry Baevsky is here!  The Russian born alto saxophonist has made quite a name for himself since immigrating to New York from his St. Petersburg birthplace nearly twenty years ago.  Now a charter member of the world jazz community, Baevsky has proven himself to be a formidable force to be reckoned with, confirming his prodigious abilities in countless appearances with some of the music’s greatest artists. From his very first recording with NEA Jazz Masters Cedar Walton and Jimmy Cobb the altoist has shown himself to be an important new voice on his instrument.  Possessing a robust sound, acute harmonic mind and keen sense of rhythm, the young horn man puts it all together in a manner that is appealing in its lyricism, yet intriguing in its originality." THE NEW YORK CITY JAZZ RECORD


“Listen to a few notes on any Dmitry Baevsky recording and you immediately will hear his distinct musical voice: a gorgeously dark and warm alto tone that at times almost sounds like a tenor.” HOT HOUSE JAZZ

Dmitry Baevsky, a formidable altoist from the New York jazz scene, was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. His dark, warm tone, superior technique, harmonic sophistication, hard-driving and tasteful playing make him one of the most exciting saxophonists out there.


The only son of a writer and a translator, he grew up in St Petersburg surrounded by books

and started piano lessons at the age of six. However, he discovered his passion and seriousness for music as a teenager only when he picked up an alto saxophone. Although Dmitry was not surrounded by professional musicians, his family was closely connected to music. His great grand-father, Moisei Beregovsky, was one of the most famous and respected Jewish ethnomusicologists who spent his life gathering melodies and words of Yiddish folk songs, as well as Eastern European Jewish dance melodies (klezmer music). 


Dmitry entered the Mussorgsky College of Music in St-Petersburg when he was 15 and studied for four years with the brilliant Russian jazz saxophonist Gennady Goldstein. 


When he turned 19, Baevsky auditioned to join the Jazz Department at the New School University in New York and was granted a full scholarship. He therefore left Russia to settle in the USA. As he was finishing college, Baevsky was already a member of the New York jazz community and decided to settle permanently.


He released his first album as a leader in 2005 with “Introducing Dmitry Baevsky” (Lineage Records). The album features such masters as Cedar Walton and Jimmy Cobb. 


Since then, Baevsky has performed and/or recorded with musicians such as Benny Green, Peter Washington, Willie Jones III, David Hazeltine, "Killer" Ray Appleton, Peter Bernstein, Cedar Walton, Dennis Irwin, Jeremy Pelt, Steve Williams, Joe Magnarelli, Ryan Kisor...


In 2009, he recorded “Some Other Spring” (Rideau Rouge / Harmonia Mundi) while on tour in Europe with the great guitarist Joe Cohn. In September 2010, the label Sharp Nine Records released “Down With It”, an album featuring trumpet player Jeremy Pelt as well as Jeb Patton (p), David Wong (b) and Jason Brown (dr). The recording stayed more than four months in the Jazzweek charts (a weekly report of the top fifty Jazz recordings played on radio stations across the United States and Canada). His second release on Sharp Nine Records, called “The Composers”, came out in 2012 and features David Hazeltine on piano, John Webber on bass, Jason Brown on drums and the great guitarist Peter Bernstein on three tracks.


In 2015, the trio recording "Over and Out" was released on Jazz Family Label and features David Wong on bass and Joe Strasser on drums..

February 2017 marked the release of "The Day After" which features a crack rhythm section of Jeb Patton (p), David Wong (b) and Joe Strasser (dr).

In 2018 was released "We Two" (Jazz&People), a beautiful duo recording with pianist Jeb Patton. 




"With this stimulating record Baevsky proves himself a superbly well-rounded musician. Solidly mainstream yet boldly explorative Over and Out is a captivating work, full of elegant charm and vivid excitement. (...) hopefully Baevsky will continue on this brilliantly creative path" HRAYR ATTARIAN, ALL ABOUT JAZZ July 2015


"There's nothing fragile about Baevsky's playing. His sound is deep and rich, with some of the heft associated with the tenor or pre-bop alto players and an irrepressible swing fueled by a wide range of ideas and improvising strategies. That extends to his repertoire, differing tempos and rhythms and even a rainbow of musical keys" GEORGE KANZLER, THE NEW YORK TIME JAZZ RECORD.



October 5 - Automne Jazz en Velay Festival (Rita Payes Quartet + Dmitry Baevsky), Le Puy en Velay - FR
October 22 - Pop Up, Paris - FR w/ Stephane Chandelier

November 9 - Théâtre de Meaux w/ Laurent Courthaliac Octet 

November 21 - The Django, New York City - USA

November 22 & 23 - Smalls Jazz Club, New York City 

November 24 - The Grange, New York City

November 26 - Northampton Jazz Workshop, Northampton, Massachusetts - USA

January 9 - Jazz Cafe Montparnasse, Paris - FR

January 18 - Concert à Radio France w/ Clovis Nicolas 4tet

January 19 - Espace Nicolas Oresme à Fleury sur Orne w/ Clovis Nicolas Quartet (France)

January 21 - IMFP, Salon de Provence - FR

January 22 - JAM, Marseille - FR

January 23 - Set de Jazz, Sète - France
January 24 - Hot Club de Lyon, France
January 25 - L'Osons Jazz Club, Lurs
January 30 - Cambridge Modern Jazz, UK
February 1st - Birdland, Neurberg (Germany) w/ Clovis Nicolas Quartet

February 2 - Jazz Aisne Co, St Quentin, w/ Clovis Nicolas Quartet

February 14-16th - Masterclass / workshop, Caen - FR

February 26 - Paderborn - Germany
February 27 - Montmartre, Copenhagen - Denmark
February 28 - Montmartre, Copenhagen - Denmark

February 29 - Brest - France

March 4 2020 - Rosenheim - Germany

March 5 - Frankfurt - Germany
March 6 - L'Adagio à Thionville - FR (Dmitry Baevsky & Jeb Patton Duo “We Two”)

March 7 -  Chateau des Rochers, Nogent sur Oise (Dmitry Baevsky & Jeb Patton Quartet)
March 12 - Tarnos Jazz Festival (Dmitry Baevsky Quartet + Rita Payés) - France

March 14 & 15 - L'Osons Jazz Club, Lurs - France