Rising star of the French jazz scene, Tricia Evy grew up on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. She developed her passion for singing at an early age, after hearing artists such as Georges Brassens, or some of the most famous carribean musicians such as Patrick Saint Eloi or Al Lirvat. In 2006, she settled in Paris where she discovered jazz, falling passionately for artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Stan Getz, Nat King Cole... Her first album "Beginning" was released in 2010 and Tricia delighted international audiences since then. Her new quartet brings together pianist David Fackeure, bassist Thierry Fanfant and drummer Francis Arnaud. Tricia Evy is singing in English, French and Creole an original repertoire of Jazz and biguine, the traditional music from the Carribean Islands. 


"First of all, i have to say, and all the feminists will probably cringe, but this woman is goddess like… Then she has this very clear voice that I will never have and has this warm, sweet delivery that makes her audience melt and especially when she sings in French. I picked one her original compositions that pays a vocal tribute to the Jon Hendricks legacy and showcases that sometimes english isn’t the only language that sounds good on short note, up beat melodies. My second choice is a traditional French West Indies melody, just plain greatness. I love folks who pay their respects. We must keep our past, present, while living the future."  CHINA MOSES, Paris Jazz Playlist